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I have no hesitation in acknowledging his role in masterminding the identity and positioning strategy for Idea, defining its character and imagery... instrumental in unifying the Idea Family to the core brand essence."

Himanshu Kapania: Current MD - Idea Cellular

“Manosh... conceptualized the new brand IDEA in 2002, and defined its character, it's imagery."

Sanjeev Aga: Former CEO & MD; Current Board Member - Idea Cellular,
Aditya Birla Nuvo & Blow Plast / VIP

Welcome to 'brand-@itude'

The purpose of this site is to entice its visitors to engage, with the author, in a deeper relationship, going beyond this digital space.

It has been my belief that in today's world of so many choices, we have lost a reason to associate... to connect... to build relationships.

I've discovered that there are too many of us saying the same thing, with only a few offering a perspective.

I endeavour, through this site, to share my perspectives that makes my approach (towards life & work) distinctive. I have come to believe in my approach, with over years of experimentation on brands that have withstood the test of time.

 'brand-@itude' forum is for sharing of ideas that is guided by one principal value - celebrate differences, do not discriminate.

There are no wrong answers, only different perspectives. And, when you disagree with me, you offer a different point-of-view that enriches my original idea.

Go ahead, read through and enrich through your perspectives. There are 3 rules:

  1. What I share here is my life's journey, you may have a different view... that's OK.
  2. Feel free to reject but unlike our parliamentarians, do not just disrupt. If you disagree, please put forward an alternative. Diversity enriches the process.
  3. Do not give me text book quotations. Take the concept and replay them as your expression (giving due credit to the originator). It's vital that we contextualise others' wisdom to our context, that's when we learn.

Let the journey begin.


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