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amidst a world of choices... give me a reason

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What I have to say

There are no wrong answers… only different perspectives

Ideas grow when they are shared. Manosh is an ardent beleiver inthe eclectic process of allowing opposing thoughts to clash with his own, thus enriching the original idea. 

Manosh has authored a number of papers, espousing his views on life and brand, introducing new brand models, some of which have been published, while many not. He is hopeful that visitors to this site will extend these thoughts with meaningful perspectives.

Additionally, quite a few leading publications have quoted Manosh, on issues they felt were of significance to their readers.

Whether bouquets ot brickbats, Manosh eagerly awaits the readers’ feedback

as quoted on media
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Business Line: Start-ups and shrewd marketing moves

Financial Chronicle: Branding agricultural products

my views on life and brand...
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Amidst a world of choices... give me a reason
(Published paper)

Brand parenting... 8 reasons
(Published paper) 

Brand strategic alliances... a marriage of minds, not just market
(published paper)

In search of my feminine 
(Published paper, page 14)

Vision and Mission... breaking the juju 
(Published paper, page 26)

Quo Vadis
(Published paper) 

GenTxt... in search of a narrative 
(Seminar presentation) 

 The Nokia debate... 
(Published paper) 

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