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Manosh R. Sengupta, handphone: +91 9900523170; email: 43 Imperial Court, 33/2 Cunningham Road, Bangalore 560052, India

brand-@itude': Brand-parent. Nurturer. Mentor    

amidst a world of choices... give me a reason

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Who am I?

a brand-parent...

nurture and mentor
the most most valuable asset of an Enterprise



Ask any parent what is their most valuable asset.

The inevitable answer is:
 "Our child!"

Ask them why?

They reply: " …because, it is through them that we live on, though they may be our creations. Our children  represent all we embody… our values, our culture. They are the living messages that we send to a time we shall not see".

Ask them again, why do they do this; what's in it for them?

They simply explain: "Oh, but our gratification lies, not in the appreciation of our role but,the achievements of our child".

Now, put these thoughts into the metaphorical context of brand management 
and what you get is a…

Manosh 'Sputnique' Sengupta
Brand-parent, Nurturer, Mentor:

A story-weaver (Consulting: connecting insights to build a strategy) & a story-teller (Training: narrating experiences to open perspectives), Manosh is credited with having parented and nurtured celebrated brands such as IDEA Cellular*, Kingfisher Beer, AT&T, Wipro-Acer, Reliance Mobile, Black & White Whiskey, Deluxe, to name a few.

Today, the industry acknowledges Manosh as a perceptive brand builder and strategy-integrator. He has clocked over 2 decades with top Advertising Agencies (JWT, Bates) and leading Telecom Operators (Idea Cellular, AT&T, Tata, Reliance) and has cross-sector experience, ranging from Liquor, Cigarettes, Fashion Accessories, Infrastructure, IT and Telecom.

Manosh was responsible for the identity migration of the Tata Cellular and AT&T brands to its present avatar, Idea Cellular. During his stint at JWT, Manosh's team was instrumental in creating the iconic Kingfisher jingle "ooo...lalala...leio"

Manosh currently operates through his single-entity advisory set-up,
'brand-@itude', offering Strategic Consultancy and Capability Enhancement Training. His approach philosophy is differentiated
in the market by a unique work perspective...

 "Brand is the cornerstone upon which Organizations are built - it forms the most valuable asset of an Enterprise. Nurturing such an entity requires the qualities of a Parent rather than that of a Manager"

Founded & practised on the pillars of:

his philosophy: 'Labour Pains - the art of brand parenting'                              the raison d'etre of a marketing professional

his product: ‘brand-@itude
the model through which a brand’s I.D. / foundation is determined

his process: ‘Engagement Ring’
the 4-phase pathway to build continous stake-holder relationship

& 'brand-@itude' are two of Manosh's proprietary concepts and models, based on which he has designed 2 workshop modules: 'Labour Pains... the art of brand- parenting' & 'in a world filled with Choices... give me a Reason'

Manosh is an empanelled Trainer with select Organizations, such as Outperform Learning - a leading L&D Organization & Northpoint Centre of Learning - a leading knowledge development centre

In addition to his professional assignments Manosh actively volunteers with the Social Sector. He is on the WhiteboardIndia (iVolunteer) Panel of Advisors and serves as a Trustee on board of One Billion Literates, besides mentoring a host of other NGOs.

Manosh is an alumnus of St. Xavier’s School & College, Kolkata.  The city nurtured in him a love for music (Jazz & Bluegrass), theatre, films, travelling, food, people-watching... and, most importantly, an ability to celebrate differences and enjoy divergent perspectives.

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